Embrace Retail’s Secret Weapon!

Embrace Retail’s Secret Weapon

The retail industry has seen its fair share of technology innovation, from do-it-yourself checkout scanning to inventory control via RFID tags. And for the wireless retail sector, technology could be considered its middle name, playing a primary role in cellular product and service offerings. But we are also seeing technology step up its presence in the wireless industry in the area of employee training through eLearning.

Not too long ago, most employee training was conducted in a classroom setting, requiring lots of “fanny time” and a circus of schedule-juggling. But eLearning provides plenty of advantages over that scenario, and the savvy wireless store owner or manager will be overjoyed to leverage its power. Here are several reasons why eLearning should be on YOUR agenda this year:

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    Low cost

    Most eLearning offerings are reasonably priced because they can avoid the expense of publishing textbooks, printing workbooks, leasing conference room space, paying course facilitators, providing beverages and snacks and paying for other expenses that are built into the price of sending an employee to an external training course. What’s more, the volume discounts to wireless retail owners or managers for purchasing multiple licenses brings the per participant cost of eLearning down to a difficult-to-beat value.

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    Consistency over borders

    Whether a wireless retail owner or manager has three stores in three local malls or 100 stores in seven states, there’s a real comfort in knowing that each of your employees is getting the same message and the same opportunity to learn how to do something the RIGHT way via eLearning. In fact, distance learning was a key factor in the explosion of eLearning, and it accomplishes it well.

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    The life of a wireless retail owner or manager may sometimes feel like a revolving door of new sales associates. With newly hired employees starting on various dates, you want to ensure that training is delivered as soon as possible, and eLearning delivers on that promise. With classroom training, managers had to wait for the next available class, often meaning that associates could be developing poor work habits or sales techniques on the sales floor in the meantime. That’s not a risk wireless retail owners or managers need to worry about with eLearning.

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    Different learning styles

    We’ve all heard that people have different ways in which they best absorb new learning. Some are visual learners, some auditory, some read/write, and some learn by doing. That’s not something busy wireless retail store owners and managers have time to figure out! But regardless of whether an employee learns best by seeing, hearing, reading/writing or doing, eLearning allows all of these methods to be put to use. It is more likely to appeal to different types of learners and different generations in the workplace.

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    Centralized tracking

    Perhaps this is one of the greatest benefits for the wireless retail store owner or manager… an automated way to track the progress and results of each learner. How nice to be able to log in to a dashboard and have an eLearning system provide you with all the training details you need, right there at your fingertips! Clearly, eLearning represents an opportunity for wireless retail store owners and managers to address a mission-critical need in a manner that recognizes the value of time and people. And what can be better than providing your employees with solid, consistent training while freeing up resources to boost business!