Small Investment — Big Results!

Imagine… training you can’t afford to miss… at prices you CAN afford to pay!

7 Steps to YES! makes it possible with the freshest approach to wireless retail sales training the industry has ever seen! Your team will love this training and you’ll love the results. We’ve blended humor and entertaining characters with video demonstrations and real-world examples that will boost the sales IQ of your employees and boost your bottom line!

How many should I buy?

Check out our guide on how to decide how many licenses to buy.

Get all your employees fit for sales in 7 proven steps!

Our no-brainer pricing structure is based on the number of users to make it easier for you to get this important training into the hands of every wireless retail store employee you have. Have 3 stores and 10 employees? Purchase 10 user licenses. Have 50 employees over several cities? Purchase 50 licenses. Finished training your current employees, but you now have 5 new employees? Get them up to speed quickly by purchasing 5 more licenses. It’s that simple… and that smart!

Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Sales secrets of the pros revealed!
Want to know more? Over the course of eight video sessions, 7 Steps to YES! will reveal the secrets for…

  • Making the most out of every sales opportunity
  • Using greetings that get customers to stop
  • Establishing connections that make sales
  • Asking qualifying questions
  • Matching customers with the right products and plans
  • Delivering an effective sales pitch that works
  • Handling objections with confidence
  • Closing like a pro

These are strategies they’ll be able to use from day one. But they’ll also have plenty of time to hone their newfound skills and apply everything they’ve learned. That’s because our training is based on the idea that it takes 21 days to form a new habit… in this case, a money-making, slam dunk selling oriented habit. So when your employee registers to take the training, he or she has 21 days to revisit the training as needed to keep practicing what they’ve learned, remind themselves of the important strategies, and really nail down their techniques. Habit formed!


This is training that sticks. This is training that gets results! So what are your waiting for?