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The 7 Steps to YES! Training System includes the following e-learning modules:

  • Introduction
  • P.R.E.P.A.R.E. to Sell
  • Engage the Customer
  • Establish Rapport
  • Ask the Right Questions
  • Make the Pitch
  • Close with Confidence
  • Handle Objections

Also includes downloadable Playbooks for the 7 steps, one (1) set of Role Playing Cards for every five (5) users purchased, and downloadable coaching worksheets for the 7 steps.


7 Steps to YES! is the wireless retail sales training program the industry has been waiting for! Here is what you get when you purchase 7 Steps to YES!:

e-Learning that breaks the mold

The 7 Steps to YES! training program consists of interactive eLearning modules, 15 to 18 minutes in length, starting with an introduction video to motivate and inspire, and then revealing the seven steps that bring a natural flow to wireless retail sales.

The eLearning modules included are:

  • Introduction – A motivational introduction that gives your sales staff the “What’s in it for me?” answers that prompt them to deliver the “What’s in it for the store?” results!
  • P.R.E.P.A.R.E. to Sell – This step is all about focusing an employee’s efforts to make the most out of every sales opportunity.
  • Engage the Customer – Loaded with easy-to-use examples of attention-grabbing greetings, including strategies for engaging customers at mall retail stores, stand-alone retail stores, and kiosks, your team will learn what works and what doesn’t.
  • Establish Rapport – Since rapport builds trust and trust leads to sales, we discuss how to make connections using true commonalities, avoid negative salesperson stereotypes, and turn ordinary conversations into sales opportunities.
  • Ask the Right Questions – Here, we cover the importance of using qualifying questions to uncover customer needs so your team can match the right products to the right customers.
  • Make the Pitch – Explore the best way to deliver a compelling sales presentation, highlight the value proposition to the customer, and sell more than just a product.
  • Close with Confidence – Watch as our seasoned professionals reveal the 5 most effective closes, explain why and how they work, and demonstrate them in action.
  • Handle Objections – We show your team how to identify and isolate primary objections, and handle them confidently and effectively.

Playbooks that enhance learning

A downloadable Playbook for each step is also included in PDF form to help your team review the material and immediately perform activities and practice exercises that help them retain what they learned.

Coaching worksheets that invite participation

In addition, you get access to our downloadable coaching worksheets. These worksheets will act as a checklist and guide to help the sales managers and you ensure your team gets the full benefit of the training.

The worksheets suggest ways in which your team can take what they’ve learned and role-play to keep their sales skills sharp. They also include questions to ask your employees to gauge their understanding of the material and their improved effectiveness on the sales floor.

Role playing cards that help drive the learning home

We will send you one 52-card deck of role playing cards for every five users you purchase the training for and you can always order more if you like. These role playing cards provide characters and situations for your sales staff to role play with each other or family and friends. Role playing exercises are perfect for helping employees practice what they learn until it becomes second nature on the sales floor.

24/7 access that makes learning flexible and easy

Our learning management system is available 24/7, giving the employee access to the sales training when and how you need them to take it.

Scoring, certification, and student reports to gauge effectiveness

When you purchase 7 Steps to YES! for your stores, you need to know who has reviewed their materials, how far the employee is in the training, and how well they are absorbing the material. That’s why we include 24/7 instant access to scores, account information, and training progress.

In your account dashboard, you will be able to track the progress of your employees and see the results of their quizzes. You’ll also be able to view student reports and analytics. And because it’s important to acknowledge employees who have successfully completed their 7 Steps to YES! training, we offer certificates of completion as well.