Wireless Sales Training That Delivers Results

Most online training courses can be so boring that they inspire naps rather than action. What would you think of an entirely new approach to training your sales associates, one they may actually find fresh and inspiring? Wireless Sales Training’s 7 Steps to YES! is infused with humor, lively characters, and fun video demonstrations so your wireless retail sales team actually enjoys learning. With real-world examples and role-playing activities, your team will start learning the sales skills they need from the first day they watch!

We want YOU to succeed

When it comes to making your business succeed, we are dedicated to making a HUGE difference in your wireless sales numbers. We have teams that will literally sit in a conference room for hours on end just to brainstorm about how to make you more money. That’s how YOU ended up with an entire training program devoted to the needs of your employees!

Because you need help

Running a wireless retail store is a thankless job and no one told you what it would REALLY be like when you signed up! From the carriers, to your employees to your customers, everyone needs to know that you are looking out for them and providing great service. Our in-house staff knows your pain. They live and breathe wireless sales (some have been doing this for 20-plus years!). With a collective wireless knowledge that breaks the 200 year mark, they have the ideas and strategies that you need to keep all those people happy and the revenues climbing!

Because you have to work

With online wireless sales training, you can set up a schedule of training that works with your budget and time constraints. Your wireless sales force can learn together or independently to increase their sales and customer service skills, all in the comfort of your own back office!

Because WE make a great team

Tell us what you need and we will gladly share how we can help. In addition to our online training programs for wireless retailers, we have instructor-led training we can bring live to your site. We can also customize our training to suit your needs, location, size, and budget. And we offer a myriad of services to help you make the most of every sales dollar.


Mastering Wireless Sales Training makes sense for today's wired and ready retail cellular store owner. Find out how 7 Steps to YES! can benefit your wireless online learning initiatives today!